We understand the challenges workplaces face because we partner with so many throughout the US. Our goal is to help office workers stay safe and stop them contracting COVID-19. Our recommendations for PPE solutions for workplaces are made after analyzing every office and corporate environment we have worked with. Here are the most common products that other workplaces have bought from us to protect their staff:

Face Masks
One of the most important PPE items. Coronavirus is a respiratory disease so if the mouth and nose are covered, it will drastically restrict the virus going airborne in the office space and reduce the chance of closure or lawsuits. The mask with the highest filtration is the KN95 face mask. We also provide 3-layer face masks. 

Hand Sanitizer 
As workers enter the reception area, there are hand sanitizers they can use to make sure any bacteria is killed before they start touching door handles and potentially spread the virus.

Hand Sanitizer Wipes 
Administrative staff and workers at desks often need to clean something quickly and sanitizer wipes are the perfect solution to clean surfaces. Perfect for wiping germs off door handles, cleaning up a mess or just to wipe your hands. 

Cleaners need gloves whenever touching areas that could have traces of viruses. They prefer nitrile gloves because latex can causes skin allergies. Protect your cleaning team and show them you are a great employer.