Pandemic Second Wave Will Cause Surge Pricing
The second wave of the coronavirus pandemic is almost upon us and many US states are stockpiling to avoid shortages which will lead to price surges. Are you prepared? 

California has already signed a law that requires hospitals to stockpile PPEOn September 29, 2020, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed into law Assembly Bill 2537 (AB 2537), the latest in a series of legislative enactments designed to protect employees from COVID-19 exposures in the workplace. 

In New York City, the healthcare system has invested $1 billion dollars in a PPE stockpile in anticipation of a possible shortage. The city was crushed in the first wave and does not want to make the same mistake twice. 

"A second wave is at our doorstep, and we're taking zero chances on preparedness," Mayor Bill de Blasio said in a statement. "New York City has stepped up so our frontline heroes and healthcare workers will have what they need to save lives.”

The current stockpile includes:


60 Minutes just ran an episode that focused on pandemic surge pricing persisting for vital PPE. The piece highlighted how the cost of medical gloves, gowns and other PPE products has increased as the number of COVID-19 cases have spiked across the nation. 

You can watch the episode here: 


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  • Dec 08, 2020
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