I witnessed first-hand how quickly the supply of PPE (personal protective equipment) was diminishing in hospitals with my wife, Michelle, who’s a hospitalist in San Diego, California. It was terrifying to see what was happening. She thought the supplies of face masks, gloves, gowns and sanitizers would last her hospital 2 weeks. They only lasted 4 days.

Guardia Medical began as a way to help protect my wife and her colleagues. Then I realized that I could use my established supply chain to help hospitals across the country be more prepared for the COVID-19 crisis. They would not get caught off guard like so many others already had.

The global scarcity of PPE has far-reaching implications. I want to personally assure you that we are doing everything in our power to get these desperately needed medical supplies. I am committed to delivering the highest quality products to our medical professionals. Our products are FDA (Food and Drug Administration) and NIOSH (National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health) approved.

I have been working with our contacts in the airlines to try and get as many grounded planes in the USA to be used to run cargo to help bring in more freight into the USA and save hospitals on product cost. We have a steady, reliable supply of PPE and are able to eliminate the stress of securing equipment for you.

I deeply appreciate and support the efforts of everyone within the health care community.

- Morgan Smith, Co-Founder Guardia Medical