We understand the challenges hospitals face because we work with so many throughout the US. Our goal is to help front line healthcare workers stay safe and stop them contracting COVID-19. Our recommendations for PPE solutions for hospitals are made after analyzing every hospital and healthcare facility we have worked with. Here are the most common products that other hospitals have bought from us to protect their staff:  

Face Masks
One of the most important PPE items. Coronavirus is a respiratory disease so if the mouth and nose are covered, it will drastically restrict the virus going airborne in the hospital. The mask with the highest filtration is the KN95 face mask. This is often for surgeries and complex medical procedures. We also provide doctors, nurses and dentists with 3-layer face masks. These are still suitable for surgical use. 

Face Shields
Doctors frequently wear face shields because they stop traces of the virus that can be kicked up and go into their eyes, nose and mouth. A face shield is the best protection against coronavirus and a way to show your medical team that you truly care for their health. 

Hand Sanitizer 
As patients enter the reception area, there are hand sanitizers they can use to make sure any bacteria is killed before they start touching door handles and potentially spread the virus. 

Hand Sanitzer Wipes 
Administrative staff and porters often need to clean something quickly and sanitizer wipes are the perfect solution to clean surfaces. Perfect for wiping germs off door handles, cleaning up a mess or just to wipe your hands. 

Doctors and nurses need gloves for the operating room and whenever touching areas that could have traces of viruses. They prefer nitrile gloves because latex can causes skin allergies. 

Disposable Poly Lab Coats
Lab coats are light shields against penetration from everyday hospital objects that can cause contamination to clothes underneath. Hospital staff members like these because they are lightweight and easy to put on and take off. 

Thermometers (infrared non-contact)
As patients enter the hospital, it is essential that they have their temperature read. If they have a fever, there is a strong likelihood that they have coronavirus or another virus that will contaminate other sick patients or visitors. Protect your people. 

Hair Cover - Disposable Bouffant Cap
Disposable surgical hair covers provide exceptional protection from foreign bodies and provide fluid protection during surgical procedures. Head and hair protection is necessary when entering a clean room or sterile environments. This bouffant hair cover is ideal for the health and food industries.

Isolation Gown Level 3
Isolation gowns are perfect for medical procedures and are easy to put on and tie. They are disposable to ensure viruses are not transferred to other patients or staff. 

Safety Glasses
Safety glasses are used to provide clear vision and protect the eyes against flying particles, objects, workplace hazards and UV rays. A simple, comfortable and lightweight way to ensure your team members are safe. 

Shoe Cover - Medical Booties
Disposable surgical shoe covers provide exceptional protection from foreign bodies and provide fluid protection during surgical procedures. Shoe protection is necessary when entering a clean room or sterile environments. This shoe cover is ideal for the health industry. 

Airial Fingertip Pulse Oximeter
The oximeter is intended for noninvasive spot-check oxygen saturation measurements of the arterial hemoglobin (SpO2). This product is ideal for both adult and pediatric patients.