Brand: GuardiaMedical

Product Code: DPLC-30

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Disposable poly lab coat features:

  • a light shield against penetration from everyday hospital objects that can cause contamination to clothes underneath.

  • a lightweight material which is great when moving around. You are able to remain flexible and without any restrictions like with traditional hospital gowns. 

  • Protects against dry particulates and water-based liquids.

  • Knit collar and cuffs.

  • Five-snap front closure.

  • Breathable for all day comfort.

  • Only $4.50 per lab coat (industry average is $5.03). 

Displayed here is our 4XL on a person who is 6'3" tall. This should fit most smaller people in more of a gown type fit than a lab coat. We also have Size XL. Please email us to place these orders.